Foods High In Vitamin D

Top 10 Foods High In Vitamin D That Will Boost Your Health

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and it helps maintain the right levels of calcium and phosphorus in your body. Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium, the proper functioning of the immune system and the overall development of bones and cells. But nowadays many people are deficient in Vitamin D and due to this deficiency, the risk of getting many diseases increases. If you want that there is no deficiency of Vitamin D in your body, then definitely eat a diet rich in Vitamin D. In this article, we have told you about the foods high in Vitamin D. This diet will fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin D in your body.

Benefits of Vitamin D for Healthy Body 

Vitamin D is really important for our body. Some of its advantages are as follows

  • Vitamin D helps in maintaining the exact quantity of serum calcium and phosphorus in our body.
  • Along with this, it also works by absorbing these minerals from the intestine and transporting them to the bones.
  • Vitamin D is actually good for bone health.
  • It increases the defiance of our body to infection.
  • Vitamin D is actually required for muscles and nerves.
  • It also helps in getting clear of heart disease and high BP.
  • It’s also important to keep the brain sharp.

Top 10 Foods High In Vitamin D


Foods High In Vitamin D

Mushrooms contain vitamin D and, like humans, get vitamin D from the sun. take in mushrooms in your diet four times a week. In this way, the deficiency of Vitamin D in your body will continue to be fulfilled. To make the mushroom tasty, you can cook it or eat it by roasting it.

Dry the mushrooms in the sun before eating them. In this way the amount of vitamin D will increase in it. Mushrooms are rich in Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5 and minerals like copper.

2.Cow Milk

Various health experts and nutritionists suggest having a glass of cow’s milk in the daily diet, which provides 20% of your daily requirement of Vitamin D(1). Cow’s milk is a great source of vitamin D and calcium. Make sure you drink full fat milk, as it has the maximum content of Vitamin D.

3.Fish oil

Fish oil is rich in vitamin D. Apart from this, vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids are also found in it. Fish oil is an excellent source for getting daily vitamin D. Cod liver oil is present in codfish. It is found in capsule form. In addition to fish oil, you can also eat fish that are rich in vitamin D such as mackerel, salmon and tuna. Including fish or fish oil in the diet makes bones strong and healthy and prevents osteoporosis.

4.Orange Juice

Orange juice is rich in vitamin D. Orange juice is considered a very good option to start the day. Apart from this, you can also drink orange juice that comes in a closed box. For those who are allergic to milk, orange juice that comes in a closed box is very good. Vitamin D is present in high amounts in packaged orange juice.

5.Egg yolk

Foods High In Vitamin D

Egg yolk is yet another rich source of vitamin D. Egg yolks contain extra calories and fat(2). But it contains all the essential nutrients including protein and good carbs. Make sure that you do not eat more than one egg yolk in a day. Make an omelet and add vegetables to it to boost the taste and nutritional value.


Vitamin D is added to dairy products such as cottage cheese, cheese and curd so that calcium is better absorbed in the body. yogurt is considered a very good food item to keep the body young and healthy. Eating a cup of yogurt daily gives you 20% of your daily requirement of vitamin D.

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Like other wheat products, oats also have added vitamin D. In addition to vitamin D, oats are rich in vitamins and minerals. Before buying oats, take a look at the box to see if vitamin D is present.

8.Soya Products

Using soy products, similar as tofu, soy milk and soy yogurt, can also prove to be veritably beneficial to meet the insufficiency of vitaminD. They’re believed to be rich in protein. For this reason, vitamin D is similarly present in them. Submissive people can use these products to meet the insufficiency of VitaminD.

Vitamin D content in soy products About 80 to 200 IU (International Unit) of vitamin D can be present in soy products. This volume may vary depending on the product.

9.Soya Milk

Foods High In Vitamin D

Soy milk is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. Soymilk is a vegetable milk made from dried soybeans. Dry soybeans are soaked in water and then put in a mixer and run with water. Vitamin D, Vitamin C and iron are present in soy milk.


Some types of cereals contain vitamin D, but not all types of cereals do. Before buying cereal, check the label on the box to see what percentage of vitamin D it contains. If you take a cup of cereals that have added vitamin D, then you will get 30% of the daily requirement of vitamin D from them.

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