Exercises for Women

Top 10 Best Exercises for Women

Is exercise necessary to always stay fit and healthy? Yes, you can keep yourself fit to a great extent by including exercise in your lifestyle. But if we talk about the women of 20 to 30 years, then this age is such, in which the schedule of girls and women is very busy.

At this age, she is so busy with her job, studies, career and household chores that she is unable to find time for herself. In this way, women completely ignore their health and after a time many types of health problems surround them.

But if you are also a girl or woman of this age, then try to take time for yourself along with career and home. In this article we will tell some Exercises for Women that keep yourself fit and healthy by taking only 15-20 minutes every day.

10 Best Exercises For Women

Exercises For Women

1. Cycling

Cycling is one of the best exercises for women to stay fit and healthy(1). Women of all ages can easily do this. Cycling allows movement of all parts of the body, which provides benefits for overall health.

This strengthens the muscles of the arms, legs and thighs. Along with this, cycling also gives body tone. Belly fat, Thai fat can also be reduced by regular cycling. If you do cycling for 20-25 minutes daily, then you will never complain of pain in winter.

2. Sit-Ups

If you do not know how to ride a bicycle, you can incorporate crunches or sit-ups exercises into your lifestyle. Crunches help in making the abdominal muscles strong. Also it boosts your car stamina. To do this exercise, first lie down on your back on the mat. Bend your right knees and leave your soles on the ground.

Now fold your right hands and keep the palms under the head. After this, raise your head, shoulders and torso. After staying in this position for a few seconds, come to the normal position. You can do this exercise for 5-10 minutes.

3. Skipping

exercise for women

Many girls love skipping. In such a situation, they can keep themselves fit and healthy even by regular skipping. You get many health benefits from skipping. By skipping, you can keep your weight under control. Along with this, regular skipping is also a good way to increase the height.

Skipping is also helpful in developing the body of girls. Skipping also helps in increasing the strength and power of the lower part of the body. By doing this daily, the bones and muscles become strong. Along with this, you can maintain your fitness by jogging and running. Skipping or jumping rope reduces weight.

4. Squats

Squats are one of the best exercises for women to stay fit. Squats are known to remove extra fat. It helps in reducing the fat of your knees and thighs. Squats are also called chair poses. To do this, first stand straight. After this, straighten your hands towards the front. Now bend the legs from the knees. After staying in this state for some time, come back to the normal state. By doing this daily, the muscles of the body are built and extra fat comes out. By doing squats for 5-7 minutes, you can always stay fit.

5. Side Plank

Many women are troubled by the fat released on the right side of their stomach, for this they adopt various measures. But fat is not burnt. If you have this problem, then you can include side plank exercise in your lifestyle. This exercise can be done in 5-5 sets in 15 reps. In the beginning, it is necessary to do it under the supervision of an expert.

6. Aerobics

exercise for women

Aerobics is one of the best exercises for women to keep fit and healthy. By doing aerobics, weight remains under control, if you have gained weight, then its practice also helps in weight loss. Aerobics increases the stamina of women. By doing aerobics for 20-30 minutes daily, you can save yourself from diabetes, heart diseases and blood pressure. There are many benefits of doing aerobics daily.

7. Reverse Crunch

Reverse crunch exercise is also a great exercises for women. With its daily practice, women can keep themselves fit and healthy. Doing reverse crunch exercise helps in weight loss. By doing this crunch exercise, the muscles of the legs become strong. If you want, you can also do strength training exercises.

8. Leg Raise

Leg raise practices are truly outstanding for stomach regions. You simply need to lie on your back, place your hands adjacent to you, palms down. Raise your legs off the ground keeping your knees locked. Clutch the situation as long as you serenely can and afterward leisurely return to unique position.

9. Crunches

It’s a conventional exercise for more stronger abs. Lie level on your back, knees bowed with feet level on the floor. Keep the feet separated. Hands to be kept at the foundation of your head with elbows brought up. Raise your head and shoulder off the floor utilizing your abs and return to the position with control.

10. Push-ups

It’s one of the best and normal exercises for women of all time. It’s very easy to do. Get into board position. Hold hands under piece outside your shoulder, keep your leg extended, bring down your body until chest gets close to the floor and immediately return to unique position. It fundamentally reinforces your chest area as it’s advantageous for chest, shoulders and rear arm muscles.

It likewise reinforces yours thighs and stomach muscles. First and foremost, it appears to be hard to accomplish more number of pushups. You can likewise begin with knee pushups, slanted pushups before all else.

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