Burpee Workout for Beginners

Top 10 Amazing Burpee Workout for Beginners

The burpee is one of the most efficient full-body exercises you can do, and when performed regularly, it will work wonders for your strength and endurance. Don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity though, as it’s very easy to make mistakes that can lead to an injury if you’re not careful. These are the top 10 burpee workout for beginners that will help build lean muscle and get you started on your way to regular fitness success!

What are Burpees?

Burpees (named after their inventor, Royal H. Burpee) are an intense conditioning workout and exercise in one, created to help you lose weight, build muscle, and gain strength. They target your entire body, including your calves, abdominals, chest and back muscles.

What’s more – these exercises don’t require any equipment. All you need is enough space to do them; a floor will do just fine! You can also work these exercises into circuits if you have access to weights or resistance bands too – just make sure you mix it up so that your body is working hard on all fronts every time.

The Benefits Of Burpees

Burpees have exploded in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they a full-body, total-body conditioning exercise—meaning all major muscle groups are involved—but they’re also a cardio workout that gets your heart rate up, making them one of the best fat-burning exercises around.

In addition to increasing endurance and strength, burpees help improve flexibility by stretching muscles and ligaments while also working core muscles.

By incorporating burpees into your weekly routine, you can expect to experience changes in body composition, improved cardiovascular function and an increase in energy levels.

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What Muscles Do Burpees Work?

Burpees are a full-body workout. They primarily target your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, chest and abs. Even though they aren’t a weight-bearing exercise, they require powerful muscles to force your body back up each time you drop down into a squat position.

This is why burpees are such an effective strength exercise—your quads and calves play a major role in getting your body back up when you drop down to do another rep.

In addition to targeting these large muscle groups, burpees burn fat and improve cardiovascular endurance by working multiple muscle groups at once. Adding regular burpees to your routine can help you build muscular endurance and lose weight more quickly(1).

The Best Burpee Workout for Beginners

1) Bodyweight Burpees

While some CrossFit gyms might use weight vests or additional equipment, bodyweight burpees are a great place to start. All you need is a large open space (preferably outdoors) and enough floor space to do them properly. Start in standing position with feet shoulder-width apart and jump your feet out so that they land just beyond your hands.

Immediately drop into a squat and jump your feet back between your hands; repeat for 20 repetitions. Vary your routine by adding pushups on Monday, Thursday and Saturday; rest on Wednesday and Friday to allow muscles to recover before increasing difficulty.

2) Burpees with weight plate

you need a medium weight plate, do your burpees with the weight over your head. Complete as many reps as you can in 60 seconds. Add a small amount of time to your interval time each day.

This will challenge you and make you stronger! You can also use dumbbells or kettlebells if you don’t have access to a plate.

The reason I like using a plate is because it increases intensity as it takes more strength to hold it over your head than dumbbells or kettle bells.

3) Jump-Burpees

This burpee variant adds an explosive jumping motion in lieu of a push-up. You’ll perform a squat and then jump as high as you can. Then you’ll lower your body down into another squat and repeat that process until it’s time to burpee again.

To make them more challenging, add weight to each rep by holding dumbbells or resistance bands above your head during your jump.

This exercise takes coordination and is one of the best full-body compound movements around because it hits most muscle groups in one shot.

4) Plank Jack Burpees

This move incorporates a jumping jack during a burpee. Start in pushup position and jump both feet out to either side into plank position.

Perform a burpee, then return to start and jump your feet back into pushup position. Jump both feet back out to either side, then jump your feet back in and stand up.

This one’s tough, so you may have to perform several reps of just standing jumps before you can perform all four movements successfully.

Repeat as many times as possible in 20 seconds, rest, then repeat again immediately; an advanced exerciser will be able to do three sets with 60-second rests between each set.

5) Squat Jumps and Pushups

For a more advanced burpee, you could try adding pushups to your routine. Try doing regular burpees followed by two pushups when you reach the floor. You’ll start seeing some serious results after just a few days. But don’t stop there!

Once you’ve mastered these movements, move on to these five variations of pushups that are all great exercises to do when trying to burn fat and lose weight fast. The better shape you get into, the easier it will be to perform even harder burpees in the future.

6) Suspension Trainer Burpees

Suspension trainers, like TRX and other brands, are becoming increasingly popular as affordable and easy-to-use fitness tools. Not only do suspension trainers make training in your own home (or anywhere) convenient, but they also let you develop full-body functional strength.

Here’s how to complete a burpee using a suspension trainer. The exercise is essentially identical to a normal burpee except you’ll be using your hands on a strap instead of on floor.

The result is an extra challenge with less room for error; if you’re not strong enough to suspend yourself off of a platform without support, then suspension training won’t work.

You can always start with pushups or other easier exercises before attempting suspended bodyweight moves like these.

7) Pistol Squat Burpees

Most people know how to do a basic burpee, but you can up your workout game by adding a pistol squat. To perform a pistol squat burpee, begin in pushup position.

With both hands on either side of your body and one foot standing on your partner’s thigh or hip, lower yourself to the ground.

With one hand behind you on the floor and other foot off of your partner’s thigh or hip, stand back up and return to original pushup position (still with one hand behind you).

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8) Staggered Stance Burpees

If you’re a fan of burpees but want to take it to another level, try these staggered stance burpees. The staggered stance will engage more muscles, namely your glutes and hamstrings. The position will also provide better balance so that you can maintain good form throughout each movement.

Start in a staggered stance with one foot forward and your hands shoulder-width apart on either side of you. Perform a standard burpee: drop down into a squat, touch your hands to the ground between your feet (which should be slightly wider than shoulder-width apart), jump back up to standing, then hop forward three times like you’re performing jumping jacks before dropping back into another squat position and jumping back three times.

9) Walkout Burpees

Walkout burpees are a great starting point if you’re just learning how to do burpees, or if you find that your joints or lower back take a beating when you perform regular burpees. These start out like normal burpees (i.e., face down on floor, place hands on floor, stand up).

From there, take a step forward and place your foot near where your hands were with each rep. Your hands can either go in front of your body or behind.

When you finish one rep (and before you stand up), go back to face-down position with your hands placed where they were before, and step back into plank position to set yourself up for another rep.

10) Kettlebell High Pulls and Push Presses

These are great kettlebell exercises that target your shoulders and help to build muscle mass. You can do them with one arm or two, so they’re really versatile. To perform a kettlebell high pull, hold a light weight in one hand, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent and abs engaged.

While keeping your back straight and shoulders down, drive through your heels to raise your hips as high as possible. As you exhale and begin to lower yourself down, swing the kettlebell upward with both hands by thrusting both arms straight out in front of you at shoulder height while pulling back on the handle with one hand.

How to Burpee?

Burpees are one of those exercises that are pretty simple, but people still get them wrong. Here’s how to do a burpee properly:

1. Stand straight with your feet together and your hands at your sides.

2. Bend down and place both palms on the floor in front of you, as close to your feet as possible.

3. Kick back into a plank position, then lower yourself into a push-up position by bending only at your elbows (don’t allow them to bend behind you).

4. Immediately kick back up into starting position to complete one rep.

5 steps of burpees is 1 repetition; increase numbers as desired per set depending on intensity level or exercise program goals.

How many Burpees for Beginners

The number of burpees you do depends on your fitness level. A typical work out might look like: If you are a beginner, start with 3 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions; if you have more experience and endurance, do 4 sets of 25 to 30 repetitions.

Do not overdo it—the point is to build muscle endurance, not fatigue yourself. Make sure to rest between sets as needed so that you can do as many burpees as possible without injuring yourself.

Adding push-ups or sit-ups during rest periods is an easy way to increase your total workout time and get in an additional set or two.


There are a ton of different burpees exercises you can do to build your stamina and endurance. By doing some burpees during your workout routines or everyday activities, you will see changes in your overall health, energy levels and body composition over time.

Whether you are just starting to exercise or already have experience with these kind of workouts, adding a burpee into your daily routine will improve your strength and help tone muscle mass fast. As always try to remember that moderation is key when it comes to any form of exercise program so don’t overdo it!

Always warm up before doing any intense physical activity and listen to what your body tells you! If something hurts stop doing it until further notice!

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